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Quick updateWe ran an Integrated QA Test which if approved would have been deployed for our Community Testers to test last weekend. The functional aspects all were passing initially but as we grew the testing to more people we encountered some inconsistencies. We have isolated some root cause issues and are back in our dev-test environments assessing the specific scenarios encountered. One major issue was related how the Holochain was overusing the CPU. With HoloFuel, that fix has enabled passing tests on the test framework at more than double previous capacity (120 nodes), so we're moving into specific behavioral assessments next. We further found some specific ways that we were reaching out to the network for data within the HoloFuel app that caused UI inconsistencies and we are adjusting that. Finally we're testing the entry and re-entry of nodes into an app network to ensure that we're not seeing any issues with conductors stopping and starting while transactions are being processed across nodes.