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There, I took out the admins section

Good Morning from India. Welcome ro the first 3 members 😁 Thanks Will and Sami for starting this group. Let's grow the tribe. We can do a lot more through this group by letting more and more people know about the power of Holo, spreading the word to Developer and Investor community alike. Who knows doing local meetups and Hackathons could emerge out of this group soon 😊👍

keep the good work folks

Im from Brazil :D

Ricardo Arnoud
Im from Brazil :D

Awesome. Brazil and India are not too different. We are BRIC nations after all. Looking forward to visit your home country. After all we are Holosapiens 😁

Welcome Viraj 😊🖐 Let's grow the tribe

Anyone ordered the Holo Port?

I ordered the 10 HoloPort combo.

Hey, I have gone for a Holoport+ & will be ordering couple of Holoport today

@MichaelJackson90 I missed the 10 HoloPort combo package by a whisker. Lucky you. People are doing ingenious stuff by gifting Holoport to their friends or simply planting it across their building with friendly neighbours to utilize their unused Bandwidth. In India, electricity is expensive and bandwidth is cheap thanks to Reliance Jio, so I think this can be really profitable

Welcome guys 🖐

Feel free to bring in non - Holosapiens also so that they can know more about Holo

Welcome to Holo India group 🖐

Feel free to ask any questions

P2P architecture where each node can potentially interact with each other

If you haven't already, check out this video to understand more about holochain and Holo.

Conclusion by Andre Cronje : This is something entirely new, and it isn’t a blockchain, this is a new kind of decentralized beast, but I love it.

Welcome to Holo India group 🖐

Look at the 3rd coin in honourable mentions

@nine_tails Thanks for sharing 😄👍

Hey Viraj 🖐

🚨 HOT ALERT 🚨 DDEX exchange does not trade Holochain (HOT) tokens but Hydroprotocol which is also called HOT. So, be careful! We only want HOLOCHAIN tokens! Recommended exchange: Hotbit or IDEX.

Welcome to Holo India group 🖐

Welcome Arjun 🖐

Holobot: ================================= Rank: 110 Price(USD): $0.00112641 Daily percentage: -9.91% Market cap: $150,054,230.00 24hr volume: $2,604,590.00 Total Supply: 177,619,433,541 Data provided by CoinMarketCap.com ================================= Price(gwei, IDEX): 162 We're at x7 the ICO price!

Can Holochain have ICOs ? So yes, and actually they can do that now, they don't need the HoloNet to launch, you could build a project on Holochain right now, and have an ICO just like we did After our network launches, and Holochain is more robust, etc. We do expect there to be MANY ICOs on our platform, instead of the blockchain

Will Blockchain be required for applications requiring global consensus and Holochain for others? Totally, I see a hybrid approach, before an outright domination (by Holochain network) Although nothing "requires" consensus, this is a logical fallacy

Sami "PINNED POST" Honey: I worked on a dif project last year, promether, and that was our issue with our ICO itself actually, we had legit concerns that just the ICO ITSELF would break the eth blockchain

^ lol on that last one, that's literally why it isn't in ICO yet

because we wanted to raise 100m, and knew we would sell out super quickly

and were concerned it would literally take eth down, if we did so

because it would've hahaha

Wow. Thanks for stepping in. This is so brilliant. Also read that you are a solidity Dev, C++, built and audited smart contracts as a Director Marketing. Plus this start up that could have blown up Ethereum. It gives me so much comfort as an investor for a change in crypto world😁

Welcome guys 🖐

Feel free to ask questions, give ideas, etc. This is your group.

Promether is an adaptable network security layer

built for anonymizing, and obscuring data